Stainless Steel Precision Castings

Präzisions-Feinguss von Lloyd Industrial Parts

Investment Casting - the production of metal parts of up to 100g by use of the so-called Lost Wax Process - allows for highly detailed parts with tight tolerances and smooth surfaces. In most cases, the components can be installed in the as-cast condition. saving you the trouble (and cost) of additonal machining.

The more complex or harder to machine a component is, the more economical investment casting is. We also offer and combine all related processes: additional machining, surface optimisation and component assembly.

Our Asian contractors, foundries we've worked with for a long time, produce your machine parts in high - constantly monitored - quality. Our specialists in Germany can assist you with the construction of models and advise you on the best choice of materials and tools.

Flexible and Efficient

Free Choice of Geometry and Shape
Investment castings allow for the most complex shapes, giving the engineer a maximum of design freedom.

Low Tool Expenses

A choice of highly qualified tool makers allows us to keep the tool prices - and thus your project prices- at a reasonable level.

Low Per-Piece Cost

The economical wage level of our contractors allows for great value for your money even at low batch sizes.

Edelstahl-Feinguss von Lloyd Industrial Parts

Almost any steel alloy can be cast through investment casting. Depending on the alloy, components can meet highest thermic and mechanical demands and strains. This includes: 

  • Nodular cast iron:
    • 0.7040 – GJS-400-15, GGG 40
  • case-hardened steel:
    • 1.7242 – GS-16CrMo4
  • Heat-treatable steel:
    • 1.0446 – GS-45, GS 240
    • 1.7231 – GS-42CrMo4
  • Stainless Steel:
    • 1.4008 – G-X7CrNiMo 12 1
    • 1.4408 – G-X5CrNiMo 19 11 2
    • 1.4581 – G-X5CrNiMoNb 19 11 2
  • Duplex:
    • 1.4517 – G-X2CrNiMoCuN 25 6 3 3

The tight tolerance usually makes additional machining unnecessary. For additional stability, the parts may be hardened as well.