Module assembly

Module assembly

We assemble your components on request and according to your specifications.

Qualified and professional assembly

LLOYD Industrial Parts is not only your contact when it comes to the production of complex components. We would also be happy to assemble your assemblies in Asia!

With our assembly you save a lot of time and you are able to use your already finished assembly immediately.

With our storage capacities in Bremen and Shanghai, we can keep the assembly available for you and dispatch it at short notice. For a secure supply chain.

Your benefits at a glance


Qualified and professional assembly

Through our Asian partners, we can also offer you component assembly. According to your requirements and your wishes.

Safe packaging of individual assemblies

We avoid transport damage through absolutely safe packaging tailored to your needs and secure your products for a smooth crossing by sea.

Storage and shipping as required from Asia or Bremen

Use our locations as interim storage! Secure your work and the associated processes with us as external storage capacity.

Which assemblies can we assemble for you?