Expert Precision Machining

Zerspanung - Präzisionsbearbeitung Ihrer Fertigungsteile

From simplest turning workpieces to complex sculptured surfaces: We have the right manufacturer for every kind of machining. Even at batch sizes as low as 100, we can produce your components at the lowest prices.

Highly precise 5-axis machining centres, CNC machines and turning machines are at our disposal in China, Taiwan and Europe.

Initial sample test reports and batch sample tests are done with 3D measuring machines and other modern measuring means.

We machine the castings according to your specifications and deliver your workpieces ready for inatallation including all desired finishing routines.

You can benefit from our experience with partners in Asia and Europe!

Finishing Processes

Präzisions-Nachbearbeitung durch Lloyd Industrial Parts

Our range of finishing processes includes:

  • Surfaces
    • Sandcasting, slide grinding, polishing etc
    • Hardening, tempering
    • Galvanizing, varnishing
  • Assembly
    • small and mid-sized assemblies
    • Local aquisition of standard and purchased parts
    • Complete units
  • Packaging
    • Packages customized for the components, for every mode of transport
    • Four-colour printed sales packages
    • Labeling