Grey Cast and Nodular Cast Iron

Grauguss und Sphärenguss von Lloyd Industrial Parts

We also offer conventional grey and nodular cast iron from excellent foundries in China.

You can profit from our experience and contacts:

  • We personally selected and approved these foundries.
  • We co-operate with qualified workshops using modern CNC machines.
  • Our local experts guarantee for optimized processing of your projects, monitoring the production process through our own quality management.
  • We optimize your shipping costs by shipping all imminent charges weekly.
  • We take care of insurances, customs and packaging and deliver straight to the appointed address.
  • All business is conducted with us at European conditions in Euro.

Preparation and Finishing

Grauguss - Fertigung in China - Lloyd Industrial Parts

We can conduct your whole project, including the early design stages and model construction.

We would advise you to get the castings pre-machined to avoid scrap. Model prices, despite being made of metal, are comparatively low - at most, they cost about a third of the usual automatic mass production price. So investing in new models will pay off, even in the short run!

Our specialists will advise you on the best and most economical solution for your project.