Our Engineers Are Standing By For You!

Ingenieursdienstleistungen durch Lloyd Industrial Parts

We can facilitate your project at our state-of-the-art 3D CAD workplaces. At any stage we can enter the process and accelerate the process for you.

Of course we also handle complete projects: from your objective, we develop every step in close collaboration with our partner manufacturers.

  • We test your components for injection molding applicability, redefine the necessary tolerances and determine additional materials needed for machining.
  • We modify your designs and optimize norms and specifications für precision casting.
  • We provide an economical efficiency calculation including potentials for cost reduction, recommended batch sizes, stocks for contemporary storage, quality-related costs, cost reduction from omitting machining and other expenses

You won't have to deal with details like the best-suited cast embedding media - just leave that to us.

Take advantage of our epxertise!

CAD Construction

An accurate CAD file is a sound basis for the pattern/tool maker and the foundryman- be it in 2D for the initial designs or in 3D for the wax model.

All relevant data are included in your native language and in English. Additionally, we adjust the design to the needs of the investment casting technology to save on material and machining.

We offer all of this as a service for you. The only action you have to take is - due to product liabilities - to approve the drawing, and we take care of the rest.